Can You Buy Marijuana Online?

buy marijuana online

In short, the answer to that question is a hearty, “Yes, indeed! You can buy marijuana on line!” Thanks to search engines, you can have a global list of online dispensaries at your disposal in seconds. Don’t start your happy dance just yet though—there are some things to consider before you make your purchase.

Who can buy marijuana online?

If you decide to purchase online, you must be of legal age and live in a state that has legalized weed in one form or another. Some sites require you to use your medical marijuana card when ordering—others don’t.

You can research dispensary sites all day long, but if your state isn’t among those that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana, they won’t be sending any. State governments strictly regulate dispensaries and if they cross the line—as in filling orders from states where marijuana is illegal—they could lose their license in a heartbeat.

It’s also important to note that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government. It’s deemed just as dangerous as cocaine and heroin. Some websites don’t hesitate to ship across state lines, but we want you to be aware that until the feds legalize marijuana, it’s considered drug trafficking.

Reliable sources

Whether you’re looking to purchase sticky, beautiful buds, edibles, or concentrates, take time to research online sites before you buy. We all know there are a lot of scammers out there looking to take advantage and the marijuana business is no different. Find a company that puts their customer’s internet safety first, as in never selling your information to others.

Never use Craigslist or other community sites looking for a good deal either. In short, it’s just trouble waiting to happen.

Checking out

While you’re looking for a reputable dispensary, look at their accepted forms of payment.

The majority of online dispensaries don’t take debit or credit cards. That’s because weed isn’t legal at the federal level and it puts banks on the spot. Most of them won’t work with dispensaries or any other facet of the marijuana industry.

It might be good to know that information before you click “check out.” A cash only purchase could warrant a stricter budget. Planning ahead to stay within the budget can save you from suffering any remorse at having to remove items later.

To get around the bank issue, many dispensaries arrange for you to pay cash on delivery (COD). Others set up a debit-only payment method. Using that system, the customer authorizes a cash withdrawal from their account when purchasing their products.

Dispensaries set up digital currency to purchase marijuana goods too. It’s becoming a more popular form of payment. In fact, the marijuana industry has it’s own cryptocurrency—check out PotCoin!

Buzz buying

There’s little doubt that most of us consider purchasing marijuana online to be a luxury. Nothing beats having marijuana dropped off right at the door!

Advantages include:

  • It’s convenient for recreational users and medical patients.
  • There are numerous online dispensaries with stellar reputations.
  • It’s legal—but it might be best to purchase within your own state to avoid any legal complications at the federal level.

Once you buy marijuana online—especially after you’re comfortable with your dispensary—it may become your preferred method of purchase.

We can’t say that we blame you.